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Lyme Disease in Canada

By June 3, 2015 Uncategorized

Following on from our post last week about ticks, we now look at our largest concern with tick bites- Lyme Disease.

Bites from the Deer tick, also know as black-legged or Ixodes ticks, can transmit the parasite responsible for Lyme disease to humans and dogs. We are always worried about our canine companions on walks in long grasses or wooded areas and protect them with medications such as Revolution and the new Nexguard. We brush them regularly and look for ticks attached to the skin around the collar and behind the ears as well as other areas. about ourselves and our families? If we are walking our dogs in areas where ticks are present, we are at risk as well. Below are two links from the Government of Canada about Lyme disease in people. In 2012 there were 338 confirmed or suspected cases of Lyme disease in people in Canada, up from 144 in 2009. This disease is on the rise and informing yourself will be your best defense.

If you have questions about ticks, Lyme disease or how we can help with preventative care for your furry family members please feel free to contact us.

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