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Parasite of the week- Fleas

By April 27, 2015 May 27th, 2015 Uncategorized

Spring time means warm weather, time outdoors and long walks with our dogs. All the good things that we have been waiting for through the winter months. But here at New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic, we also think about the parasites that are coming out looking for new hosts, and the risks they pose to our pets. Once the night time temperature stops going below freezing, fleas will start showing up. To help understand how flea infestations can occur, here is a great article from PetMD. Pay close attention to the section on pupae as this is the stage that will give rise to the adult fleas that climb on board your pets at this time of year.

Flea bath, fleas sprays and anti- flea medications are all ways to solve this problem for people and pets- let us know if we can help in your pet’s parasite control program. Prevention is the best solution.

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