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The Heat is On

By July 22, 2015 Uncategorized

Every time the hot weather comes around, we have to start to think differently about our pets and how to care for them. Parasites and annual wellness exams with vaccinations are routine reasons that we see pets in the summer months; although preventative care is always in season. But what about some of the health concerns for pets?

Heat stroke is common concern for pets in the summer. Because pets don’t sweat to cool down and it isn’t always easy for them to tell us when they are too hot, overheating can happen very quickly for a pet left in a hot location. We often tie up our pets or keep them in cars for their own protection, but normally safe locations can become dangerous on hot days. Always think about shade, airflow, water availability and how long a pet will be in a particular location before you leave them. If you wouldn’t be comfortable there, then neither would they.

Signs of heat stroke in pets include panting, lethargy, bright red gums or tongue, dizziness, lethargy or coma. If you think your dog may be affected, contact your veterinarian immediately.

Here is a video showing how a hot car affects NFL football player Tyrann Mathieu

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