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Parasites and your pet

By May 28, 2014 Uncategorized

Now that the nice weather is here, it is the time that our pets to start bringing home creepy, crawly friends that we don’t want in our houses. Fleas, Ticks, Internal parasites and Heartworm have been waiting all winter for the nice weather too and now are starting to show their icky little faces. June 1st is the traditional start date for Heartworm and Flea preventative medications in Southern Ontario. Once monthly application of medications can help to prevent serious diseases caused by parasites like Fleas, Ticks, Heartworm and intestinal worms. Feel free to contact our clinic to find out if your cat or dog is at risk for any of these unwanted critters.

In the mean time, watch this video to find out about the life cycle of ticks (we do not generally recommend removing ticks at home; call our clinic if you have parasite concerns)

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