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Farewell from Nouki Last night, I dreamt that I was running again…in fact, I think it might have been the rabbit I saw earlier in the day that I was chasing. Oh, I miss running so much. My name is Nouki and I am originally from Quebec. My family abandoned me to a kill shelter in the spring of 2009 when I was in my prime. I hated it there and couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong to be punished in this way. I was there for a month when one of the workers came to take me out of the kennel and a man put me in his car to take me to Waterloo, to my new human, Deb and my “forever” home. What a great day that was for both Deb and me. One day, I was taking Deb for a walk and thinking about the future. I didn’t like to see Deb alone and thought maybe I should find her a mate. As we walked down the block, Garry came out from Murray’s house and “Wow” – I liked him a lot. This is a good human, I remember thinking. I definitely could train him and so it was that Garry came to live with us and made life so much easier for Deb – now all she had to do was feed me and scoop the poop because Garry could take me in the truck – love the truck, love the truck – and he buys me Dairy Queen and Timbits all the time. The last five years have gone by so quickly as they often do when we are so happy, cared for and oh, so loved. I have met many friends over the years and they have been wonderful to me. And then of course, my family are the best humans … I am always so happy to see them, even if it hurts to get up now to wiggle my butt to greet them. Even though I don’t care to eat much anymore, Deb says we are having hot dogs for supper – my favorite – and that I can have two! For you see, Dr. Rob from the New Hamburg Vet Clinic is coming tomorrow to help me cross to the Rainbow Bridge. I will miss my pepperoni ritual with Garry every night when he comes home from work – but I will be able to run again. I might even catch that rabbit one day! Many thanks to Boxer Rescue, Dr. Rob and my forever family. Love, Nouki” Nouki passed very peacefully with her mom, Deb on Tuesday, October 28th at 1:35 pm at home on her favorite bed at the wonderful age of 14 which is amazing for a boxer. Godspeed, Nouki … thank you for rescuing me and being Garry’s “princess”. I have had many pets and a few vets in my time but by far, this animal clinic is the best! From reception to end of life care, you will not find better or more caring individuals to entrust with your pet’s health. When we are ready, we will be rescuing another dog and there is no question that we will be returning to you at the New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic. Thank you all.

– Deb and Garry