• Sep 11 2015

    A look inside New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic

    The New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic has been serving our community since Dr Karl Winkler first opened the doors in 1960. The town of New Hamburg and the clinic have changed…

  • Sep 02 2015

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    Dogs and Human pain medications

    We often have pets come in to see us that have taken their owner’s medications. Often this occurs by accident; someone drops a pill on the floor or spills a…

  • Aug 20 2015

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    A new Kitten can bring new problems

    Many animal lovers find themselves in the position of fostering or adopting a new kitten into their household unexpectedly. A stray cat outside, a rescue from a friend or a…

  • Jul 22 2015

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    The Heat is On

    Every time the hot weather comes around, we have to start to think differently about our pets and how to care for them. Parasites and annual wellness exams with vaccinations…

  • Jun 26 2015

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    Things that go BANG in the night

    Summer time means fun for us and our pets in the warm weather and holidays; but for many dogs it is also a time for scary events like fireworks and…

  • Jun 03 2015

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    Lyme Disease in Canada

    Following on from our post last week about ticks, we now look at our largest concern with tick bites- Lyme Disease. Bites from the Deer tick, also know as black-legged or Ixodes…

  • Apr 27 2015

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    Parasite of the week- Fleas

    Spring time means warm weather, time outdoors and long walks with our dogs. All the good things that we have been waiting for through the winter months. But here at…

  • Apr 15 2015

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    My pet doesn’t have worms… does he?

    With spring temperatures, we always see an increase in parasites in our pets. Fleas, Heartworm, Intestinal parasites are all more common in the summer months when pets spend more time…

  • Apr 07 2015

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    Spring has sprung

    The snow is melting, the temperatures are not as freezing cold as they were and our thoughts are turning to green grass and sunny days. The Easter Bunny has come…

  • Oct 31 2014

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    Scary Foods for your Pet

    Halloween is a time that we think of candies and foods that our pets should avoid, but the reality is, these foods can do ghastly things to our little ghouls…