• Mar 23 2016

    Tick Talk

    This spring has been exceptionally warm, exceptionally early. All kinds of creepy crawlies like it when the warm weather starts. Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitos, Larvae from intestinal parasites, and others become…

  • Mar 02 2016

    What is a proglotid and why should you care?

    Recently in Ontario, the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College diagnosed 4 cases of Fox Tapeworm (Echincoccus multilocularis) in pet dogs. This small tapeworm which is infective to people had…

  • Feb 18 2016

    How do I choose a dental treat?

    February is Dental Health Month at the New¬†Hamburg Veterinary Clinic and for this post we wanted to address a very common question that we get asked at the clinic. “What…

  • Feb 03 2016

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    What is a Dental Cleaning?

    February¬†is Dental month at New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic and that means a time when we focus our attention and yours on the oral health of your pets. We are (of…

  • Jan 21 2016

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    Winterize your pets

    The mild weather in the first part of this winter may have lulled us into a false sense of security, but now the cold weather is here and with it…

  • Dec 17 2015

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    Holiday Orders

    We would like to remind you that our suppliers have holiday closures this year and that it may be more difficult to get special orders in during these times. If…

  • Dec 03 2015

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    Poinsettias, Holly and Mistletoe- Are they in your Holiday plans?

    The Holiday season is a time when new decorations come out, old friends stop by with gifts and we all get a little busier in our lives. All of these…

  • Oct 23 2015

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    The benefits of a dental cleaning

    October is still Pet Dental Month at the New Hamburg Veterinary Clinic and today’s blog will highlight some of the benefits of a professional dental cleaning with the story of…

  • Oct 15 2015

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    How do I brush my dog’s teeth?

    Dental care is very important to the health of our pets, just as it is for people. Bad breath, gingivitis, loose teeth, infection and pain can all be avoided by…

  • Sep 23 2015

    Juno’s Story

    A few weeks ago we had an article on dogs and human pain medication; here is a real life example of what can happen. Please read Juno’s Story Juno, a…